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Bespoke sea freight services delivering seamless global shipments of any scale.

Reliable Forwarding for Maximum Efficiency

Our sea freight services provide the optimum levels of efficiency for international shipping of goods. While bulk delivery is the primary function, our services include forwarding smaller quantities of goods in a cost-effective manner by making use of less-than container load classification. We traverse the worlds of transport and customs to provide a seamless experience for your goods, leaving you to manage your business stress-free.

Advantages of Sea Freight with Allegro

Cost-efficiency. Sea freight is among the most economical options available for global transportation, providing reliable delivery throughout the world.

Bulk. Transporting your goods in bulk has never been easier than with sea freight. With options for smaller quantities as well, this bespoke service fits your needs.

Last Mile Logistics. Take advantage of the unique services offered by the Allegro group, cutting down on fees at port with timely and convenient unloading and storage.

Key Sectors for Sea Freight

Manufacturing. Whether you’re a manufacturer near our warehouse in Bristol seeking international coverage or a goods producer seeking global import and export services, we’ve got you covered.

Fashion & Retail. Fulfil overseas orders with the greatest efficiency available using our economical sea freight services. Whether it’s less-than a container or full loads, we handle it all.

Medical & Pharmaceutical. Deliver medical goods in bulk with trustworthy hands through reliable shippers, ensuring they reach their destination intact and on-time.

Not sure if this is the right service for you? Don’t worry, our team can provide the best solution.

Sea Freight Transport You Can Trust

Great service starts with the team behind it. At Allegro, our core belief is communication. We work with you at every step of the way, ensuring your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. We offer fully managed forwarding services from all over the world, operating with a personal touch.

We take the hassle and the hard work out of shipping. International or domestic, we can supply you with great service and smooth delivery. With a combined experience of over forty years, our team has all the insight required to tailor our forwarding solutions to your individual requirements.

Whatever your needs, we can find a solution – it could be just a phone call away.

Our Freight Network

Our forwarding services feature multimodal transportation to ensure your shipments receive the most effective treatment at every stage of their journey. Keep your deliveries punctual and efficient with Allegro Freight Forwarding.

Air Freight

Offering near next day delivery to almost anywhere in the world, our air freight forwarding solutions get the job done quickly. Leave your freight in reliable hands.

Rail Freight

Hybrid rail freight forwarding solutions offer a dedicated service through reliable routes. Suitable for shipping in bulk, rail works with road and sea for smooth global delivery.

Road Freight

Our point-to-point road freight services offer reliable shipping into most of Europe. Choose dedicated service for next-day delivery, or groupage for the most efficiency.

Other Services

End-to-end cover for your freight forwarding needs. Whether it’s domestic or international, a pallet or a container, and to port or door – we take the hassle out of shipping, storage, and distribution.

Import and Export

Our fully managed shipping services offer trustworthy solutions to both import and export. We make freight forwarding simple, ensuring full regulatory compliance both in and out of the UK.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain services are in the unique position to provide end-to-end management that concludes at your choice of port or door. We collaborate with our sister company, Allegro Logistics, to supply services that combine forwarding and logistics into an all-inclusive solution.

We manage every step of the journey. From the moment your goods are produced to the moment they reach their destination, our comprehensive coverage ensures full control and compliancy. Our sea freight services navigate not only the oceans but the various customs along the way, with seamless transitions of loading and unloading at each end to keep your shipment on the move.

Our Customers Also Ask…

Still have queries? We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions that customers have about sea freight services.

The exact length of time it takes for sea freight to travel from its source to its destination depends on a number of factors. These include how long the vessel stays in port while if offloads and reloads goods before embarking, the length of the distance, the size of the ship, and the logistics at each end.

For example, a shipment from China to the UK can take as little as three weeks, but logistics and other elements of sea freight can double this to six.

Make sure you are using the most efficient and reliable sea freight services available. At Allegro Freight Forwarding we offer solutions to your sea freight needs, getting your goods to their destination in a timely, economical fashion.

While there are a few terms that do not apply to sea freight, such as FTL and LTL (meaning full- and less-than- trailer load respectively), there are several incoterms that can only be used when talking it. These terms include:

  • FCL and LCL: full- and less-than- container load.
  • FAS: Free alongside ship
  • FOB: Free on board
  • CFR: Cost and freight
  • CIF: Cost insurance and freight

Keeping up to date with the incoterms used when talking about sea freight can be useful to ensure that you understand to journey your goods will take.

Short answer? No. Sea freight and ocean freight are interchangeable terms that refer to the same concept. However, there are geographical differences that separate the two terms into distinct meanings.

Seas are typically smaller than oceans and are often partially enclosed by land. An ocean refers to the large bodies of open water that cover around 70% of the Earth’s surface, such as the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

For the general purposes of freight forwarding, it is safe to consider sea freight and ocean freight as the same.

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