Import & Export Freight Services

Manage import and export including customs compliance with a quality customer experience.

Identical Quality for Import and Export

Managing your freight is the role of the forwarder. At Allegro we believe in creating a high-quality experience for our customers that is indistinguishable between import and export. You provide the details of the shipment such as its contents, source, and destination – we’ll handle the rest. Enjoy hassle-free import and export for your goods with full customs compliancy and the option to include last mile logistics, warehousing, and distribution.

Advantages of Import and Export with Allegro

Customs compliance. We have all the knowledge and insight on the customs and legislation that surround your freight at every step of the journey, ensuring a seamless delivery of your goods.

Experienced team. Our team has over forty years of experience in handling freight. Your goods will be in trustworthy hands, offering proven reliability and satisfaction for both you and your customers.

Logistics integration. Our end-to-end management can include logistics services supplied by our sister company Allegro Logistics, combining all stages of shipping into one convenient package.

Key sectors for Import and Export

Manufacturing. Whether you’re cutting costs by importing goods or exporting your valuable commodity to anywhere in the world, our import and export services will get the job done reliably.

Fashion & Retail. Ensure timely delivery of your fashion and retail products, between ports or to crucial locations around the world, utilising end-to-end support for premium solutions.

Medical & Pharmaceutical. Bring your medical products to where they’re needed most using our import and export services. We supply expertise on freight and regulations, ensuring timely delivery.

Not sure if this is the right service for you? Don’t worry, our team can provide the best solution.

Transport You Can Trust

Great service starts with the team behind it. At Allegro, our core belief is communication. We work with you at every step of the way, ensuring your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. We offer fully managed forwarding services from all over the world, operating with a personal touch.

We take the hassle and the hard work out of shipping. International or domestic, we can supply you with great service and smooth delivery. With a combined experience of over forty years, our team has all the insight required to tailor our forwarding solutions to your individual requirements.

Whatever your needs, we can find a solution – it could be just a phone call away.

Tailored Import and Export Models

Find out the best service for your shipment’s needs. Allegro offers import and export for the UK or international locations through bespoke means that are engineered to your specific needs. Choose your mode of transport, or leave it to us – whatever your requirements, we can find a solution.

Air Freight

Offering near next day delivery to almost anywhere in the world, our air freight forwarding solutions get the job done quickly. Leave your freight in reliable hands.

Sea Freight

Reliable sea and ocean freight forwarding services with our network of trusted shippers and suppliers. From full- to less-than container load, we’re here and able to help.

Rail Freight

Hybrid rail freight forwarding solutions offer a dedicated service through reliable routes. Suitable for shipping in bulk, rail works with road and sea for smooth global delivery.

Road Freight

Our point-to-point road freight services offer reliable shipping into most of Europe. Choose dedicated service for next-day delivery, or groupage for the most efficiency.

Other Services

End-to-end cover for your freight forwarding needs. Whether it’s domestic or international, a pallet or a container, and to port or door – we take the hassle out of shipping, storage, and distribution.

Last Mile Logistics Integration

Our import and export services take your forwarding process to the next level by combining with the facilities offered by our sister company Allegro Logistics. We supply a comprehensive solution that manages international shipping to port, to door, and everything in between with end-to-end coverage that integrates forwarding with last mile logistics and warehousing.

We manage every step along the way. From the moment your goods are produced to the moment they reach their destination, our comprehensive coverage allows for full control and compliancy throughout the journey.

Our Customers Also Ask…

Still have queries? We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions that customers have about import and export services.

Simply put, import is the process of bringing goods into a country while export is the process of taking goods out.

This means that the processes of import and export are inherently linked, as exporting a product means it will end up being imported somewhere at the other end.

Different regulations and customs apply to goods as they cross over the various borders between countries, so it is important to choose a forwarder for your shipments that has a good understanding of these facets of import and export to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

Allegro Freight Forwarding offers import and export services to and from the UK or anywhere in the world. We make sure that the process is as streamlined as possible, meaning the only difference to you will be where your goods are sourced from and what their destination is.

The primary imports for the UK are fuels, raw materials like precious metals, appliances, and pharmaceutical products.

The primary exports for the UK are machinery, automobiles, and electronic equipment. The UK is also an exporter of financial services and other facets of the service industry.

While these are the main imports and exports, there is still plenty of involvement in the UK for international and domestic forwarding of goods from manufacturing, retail, and pharmaceuticals of all varieties. Other industries also play a role in the ecosystem of import and export in the UK, and Allegro has the facilities to adhere to your needs.

Exchange rates for currencies from different countries can have a surprisingly large effect on import and export. This can impact several aspects of international trade, including:

  • Changes in import costs for things like raw materials depending on variations in the exchange rate.
  • Changes in export values for other goods.
  • Possible conversion fees for exchanging currencies.

If a country’s currency increases in value, the goods it produces rise in value as well. The inverse is also true, where a decrease in value results in lower valuation for goods and services. These differences can affect the demands of materials and goods for both import and export, eventually leading to changes in the quantity of shipments for these things.

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