Interconnected Rail Freight

Consolidate your freight into a fully managed solution with rail freight services from Allegro.

Environmental Forwarding with Dedicated Routes

With rail freight from Allegro, you can minimise your environmental impact and the carbon footprint of your business by choosing one of the most eco-friendly methods of shipping. Rail freight is often used as a hybrid method, working in tandem with road and other modes of transport to provide the most efficient routing for your shipments. Rail features dedicated routes that operate around the clock, delivering to key locations in the UK and internationally.

Advantages of Rail Freight with Allegro

Quick links to Europe. Take advantage of the Eurotunnel’s quick access into Europe by utilising the effectiveness of a well-connected rail freight network.

Eco-friendly. Rail offers less emissions than most other transport options, with up to a sixth of the emissions of road freight, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice the environment for expediency.

Key hubs. Easily transport your goods in-between cities, ports, and other hotspots of activity using well connected rail networks both within the UK and abroad.

Key Sectors for Rail Freight

Manufacturing. Easily move your goods between the manufacturing site and nearby production or commerce hubs using dedicated, direct transport you can rely on.

Fashion & Retail. Move bulk product in regular shipments across predetermined routes, allowing you to be sure of your shipment’s location and time for fulfilment.

Medical & Pharmaceutical. Deliver crucial medical goods to the hubs they’re most needed in with speed and efficiency using rail freight forwarding supplied by Allegro.

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Transport You Can Trust

Great service starts with the team behind it. At Allegro, our core belief is communication. We work with you at every step of the way, ensuring your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. We offer fully managed forwarding services from all over the world, operating with a personal touch.

We take the hassle and the hard work out of shipping. International or domestic, we can supply you with great service and smooth delivery. With a combined experience of over forty years, our team has all the insight required to tailor our forwarding solutions to your individual requirements.

Whatever your needs, we can find a solution – it could be just a phone call away.

Hybrid Freight Solutions

Rail freight is the most suitable among all our services to take advantage of the multimodal forwarding we offer. Considered a hybrid method, the advantages of an interconnected rail network truly come into play when combined with other shipping methods offered by Allegro.

Air Freight

Offering near next day delivery to almost anywhere in the world, our air freight forwarding solutions get the job done quickly. Leave your freight in reliable hands.

Sea Freight

Reliable sea and ocean freight forwarding services with our network of trusted shippers and suppliers. From full- to less-than container load, we’re here and able to help.

Road Freight

Our point-to-point road freight services offer reliable shipping into most of Europe. Choose dedicated service for next-day delivery, or groupage for the most efficiency.

Other Services

End-to-end cover for your freight forwarding needs. Whether it’s domestic or international, a pallet or a container, and to port or door – we take the hassle out of shipping, storage, and distribution.

Import and Export

Our fully managed shipping services offer trustworthy solutions to both import and export. We make freight forwarding simple, ensuring full regulatory compliance both in and out of the UK.

Convenient End-to-End Management

Whether your freight delivers to port or to door, working with Allegro can help you to streamline your shipments by handling warehousing, distribution, and last-mile logistics. We work with our sister company, combining the features of forwarding and logistics into one convenient solution.

We manage every step of the journey. From the moment your goods are produced to the moment they reach their destination, our comprehensive coverage ensures full control and compliancy. Our rail freight services offer environmentally friendly forwarding that brings your goods between important locations using dedicated, reliable routes.

Our Customers Also Ask…

Still have queries? We’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions that customers have about rail freight services.

The upcoming HS2 is expected to have an enormous knock-on effect not just on rail freight, but on freight services in general.

High-speed passenger trains will open up accessibility for freight trains on already established rail lines, allowing for more frequent shipments due to reduced congestion.

This means that less road freight will need to be used for routes that have a direct train line, improving the efficiency for customers while reducing the environmental impact of the service.

The effects of the HS2 will be primarily noticeable on freight travelling within the UK, making rail a great option for those thinking to the future of domestic freight forwarding.

From January to March of 2023, around 18 million tonnes of freight were moved by rail alone in Great Britain. This is quite a significant number, although other freight services expect to move more during the same time frame.

Nearly 90% of all freight trains arrived within 15 minutes of their designated time during this period, showing the reliability and predictability of the rail freight services offered by Allegro.

Future developments such as the HS2 rail network are expected to increase the availability of rail freight services by reducing congestion from passengers on their routes which will likely increase the amount of freight that is moved by rail in the UK.

The pricing of rail freight compared to road depends heavily on the type of goods you’re shipping, the distance they will travel, and the size of the shipment, among other factors.

However, for long distance travel or for moving goods from port to port, rail freight typically holds an edge over road. Rail is more suitable for moving goods, especially in bulk, over great distances. The dedicated rail lines that run between major ports and hubs are also instrumental in its usefulness as a transitory freight system to get your goods to the next location on their journey.

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